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Candidate announces in District 2

By Staff | Apr 9, 2011

John Miehle has emerged as the third candidate for the District 2 City Council seat, making the announcement via a press release on Friday.
Miehle joins incumbent Pete Brandt, and challenger Richard Leon, as announced District 2 candidates.
A former captain and chief of staff for the Santa Monica, California Police Department, Miehle has been a Cape Coral property owner since 1991 and a full time resident since 2002.
Miehle was previously a member of the Public Safety Building Committee in 2007, and is a regular during public input sessions at city council meetings.
Miehle said he made the decision to run because he says the current city council is not concerned with moving the city forward, and instead is stuck in the past.
“We need to quit looking back. What happened, has happened,” Miehle said. “Right now we’re stalled, we’re stagnant.”
Miehle said he’s also confused by plans to strip down and reorganize the Public Works department, and “there hasn’t been any real explanation” for most of the decision made by council and the city manager.
Miehle added he’s disturbed by the number of high-ranking city staffers who have either left or were forced out, and the loss of their experience will hurt the city in the long run.
“Quit diluting the experience we have in this city … we’re replacing them with people who have no experience in the public sector,” he said. “This council’s goal is to turn this city into a private industry.”
Though not one for traditional press conferences, Miehle said he’d openly debate Brandt and Leon.
He said he’s impressed by Leon’s desire to run. At 24, Leon is the youngest of the three announced candidates, and is a Cape Coral High School graduate.
Pete Brandt, 79, announced his desire to re-run in late January, using “long lunches” by city employees at Popeye’s Chicken and Biscuits, and a “lack of discipline and adequate management controls within the city administration” as his reasons for another bid.
Miehle said “the more the merrier” as far as the number of District 2 candidates are concerned.
“I want someone interested in what’s going on and wants to change it. If it’s not me, then fine, but we need someone who is going to move us forward,” Miehle said. “But I think I’ve got the stuff to do it.”
Miehle will make an official public announcement during Saturday’s Bike Night event in downtown Cape Coral, where he said he’ll be selling parts, meeting and talking with people.
For more information contact Miehle at JMM4Council2012@aol.com