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CROW announces new officers for 2011

By Staff | Apr 5, 2011

Cathy Cola

CROW, the Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife, held its annual meeting on March 30 and announced the following results of the election of board members: Elected to three-year terms were Wayne Boyd, Dr. Paul Douglass and Susan Dunn and elected to one-year terms were Cathy Cola, John Schubert and Daniel Thompson.

At its first board Meeting following the annual meeting, the following slate of officers were elected to serve in this upcoming year:

• President — Cathy Cola

• Vice-President — Susan Petersen Tucker

• Treasurer — Michael Miller, CPA

• Secretary — Annie Nachtsheim

Highlights from the “Year In Review” presentation at the Annual Meeting included the first full year of operations at the new wildlife clinic, which admitted 4,111 patients. Also, CROW hosted 43 students from around the world to give them hands-on experience in clinical care and rehabilitation, increased volunteer hours by seven percent to nearly 41,000 for the year and expanded its educational programming in an attempt to prevent wildlife injuries through personal responsibility and awareness.

CROW also launched a new website, improved its communications, systems and data management, initiated new membership and partnership programs and participated in numerous community outreach events. All of these accomplishments were led by CROW’s new management team consisting of Clinic Director Dr. Amber McNamara, Managing Director Ava Hinojosa and Executive Director Steve Greenstein, who worked closely with CROW President Susan Petersen Tucker and the entire Board of Directors.