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Poetic License: Ars Poetica: First Word Sestina

By Staff | Mar 30, 2011

(In memory of Marilyn Koren)

The M & M’s of my poems

Melt in my mind —

Muse begins them all, mixing

memory with

metaphor, my words with

music, making new

meaning of old

magic —

Magic is the

muse light, moving

meaning through mazes of

memory, myth and

music, past mind-fields of

metaphor —

metaphor metamorphosing,

magic tricks of mind-

music be-

muse my

memory, my

meaning —

meaning that is more than

metaphor and

memory or word-

magic to a-

muse a

muse sick for words —

music has no

meaning, no

muse whispering

metaphors to the

magic ear of

memory but

memory makes moments into

music, into measured

magic: the miracle of

meaning we call

metaphor, the gift we call

muse —

Muse, your magic triumphs again, content

To make music and meaning of my contents,

Memorable metaphors of all my M’s —