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All county property taxes due today

By Staff | Mar 30, 2011

Today is the last day for Lee County residents to pay their property taxes without threat of penalty.
Tammy Harrison from the Lee County Tax Collector’s office said there are 504,000 real estate tax records in Lee County and 18,000 tax records for tangible property.
As of March 23, there were still 80,511 properties that had not paid their property tax, and 5,788 tangible property records that are still outstanding, according to Harrison.
She said those numbers could be vastly different now, as many property owners wait until the deadline before they pay their taxes.
Unless post marked for March 31, all property owners suffer a 3 percent penalty and could have their properties put up for a tax certificate sale by June 1.
Penalties for tangible property tax can be as high as 18 percent per year.
After April 1, everything must be paid with certifiable funds.
“Everything becomes delinquent on April 1,” Harrison added.
The tax collector’s office does offer payment plans for property owners who can’t pay their property tax all at once, but those options expire on April 1, too.
If someone came in by March 31, even with a partial payment, the tax collector’s office would be able to work something out, Harrison said.
“Call the office to see what options are available. We can’t do anything about the amount but we can give you options,” Harrison added.
Tax certificates can be viewed at the Lee County Tax Collector’s website, leetc.com, and a tax certificate sale date of May 24 has been set, according to Harrison.
More information can be found at the website or by calling 533-6000.