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Dog park redux

By Staff | Mar 28, 2011

To the editor,

I would like to respond to the letter in last week’s Island Reporter about the dog park. Let me first say that, unlike that author, I have two large, high energy dogs.

The opposition to the dog park effort has always been about the taking of public preserve land for the park, not about a dog park per se.

I am personally opposed to a dog park because, as any veterinarian and animal behaviorist will tell you, they are unnatural, dangerous and spread disease. That said, I respect another’s right to use a dog park.

If the very committed dog club members want a dog park, they should raise the funds to buy a parcel in a suitable location. They would be responsible for development, taxes, liability insurance and maintenance. These expenses, particularly liability insurance for the inevitable lawsuit, should not be a burden on the city’s already tight budget.

When you buy a dog, you make a commitment to it’s well being, which includes exercise. Sanibel offers miles of beach and shared use paths for exercising your leashed dog. Since there are so many dog owners on the island, there are many social opportunities for your dog in these areas.

Dogs are domesticated animals and don’t need sanctuary protection, as last weeks letter implies. If you don’t like living on a sanctuary island where wildlife rules, why are you here?

Pamela Graham