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2010 Annual Report available on Sheriff’s Office website

By Staff | Mar 28, 2011

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office annual report is now available on its public website at www.sherifflleefl.org under the column heading ‘About Us’ or by copying the following link: www.sheriffleefl.org/about/annualreport2010.pdf. The 20-page report begins with a letter to citizens from Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott. He provides a brief overview of the 2010 calendar year highlighting the challenges and accomplishments of the agency. Scott encourages readers to maintain their successful support and involvement with the Sheriff’s Office in these trying economic times. “Our commitment to the residents of Lee County remains as strong as ever despite budgetary and staff reductions,” he said.
The report provides an overview of the three executive bureaus, law enforcement, corrections and civilian operations. The crime clock reveals how Lee County compares with the State of Florida. Readers have the opportunity to learn about crime trends for the district where they live. There’s information about the jail facilities, programs and inmate population data. Other features of interest include illustrations and facts about the budget, professional standards, community outreach and those whose dedication and sacrifice are remembered and honored.
The 2010 Annual Report was compiled by staff assigned to the agency’s Planning and Research section. The Sheriff’s Office website was chosen as the sole means of distribution as a cost saving measure. This method of distribution is widely recognized as a way to “think green” and reduce waste (www.go-green.ae/thinkgreen.php).