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Traffic enforcement update for Monday

By Staff | Mar 25, 2011

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office Traffic Unit will target at least one of the following three locations for enforcement Monday, March 28:
1. Cypress Lake Drive @ Summerlin Road, Fort Myers
2. Midpoint Memorial Bridge, Cape Coral
3. Business 41, Bonita Springs
Locations are selected based upon high incidents of crashes, traffic surveys and citizen complaints. The Sheriff’s Office is committed to promoting traffic safety and enforcing the law. By focusing on violations such as red light running, speeding, DUI and others, motorists become more alert and are encouraged to obey traffic laws. The Sheriff’s Office Traffic Unit and District Patrol Deputies enforce our traffic laws each day by issuing citations and warnings. Preliminary results from their cumulative activity yesterday are as follows:
Citations Issued: 107
Written Warnings Issued: 159
Citizens can help by letting us know if they observe problem areas, aggressive or impaired drivers and by their compliance with the rules of the road. To get in touch with one of our traffic deputies call (239) 477-1000. If you see a reckless or drunk driver while you are traveling in your motor vehicle in Lee County, dial 9-1-1.
This traffic enforcement advisory is available each day on the Sheriff’s Office website at www.sheriffleefl.org.
Everyone is reminded to “Fasten Your Seat Belts, be courteous to drivers and pedestrians and together we can reduce traffic related fatalities, injuries and property damage.”

Note:Traffic Safety Tip of the Week: Stop signs and red lights require you to bring your vehicle to a complete stop before proceeding into the intersection – just slowing down doesn’t count. If you are in the habit of rolling through stops you are increasing your odds of being involved in a collision or receiving a traffic ticket. Please drive safely.