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Strength in numbers

By Staff | Mar 16, 2011

To the editor,

I recently had conversations with friends who are very frustrated members of the Sanibel dog owners group, who were formed several years ago to find a Sanibel home for a dog park. Every attempt to find this home has met with zoning restrictions or opposition by some organizations that I will not name as being unsuitable because the dogs could disturb wildlife and birds.That is a flimsy excuse and not even true.

I must tell you that I do not own a dog but I have many friends that do enjoy their dogs and along with many Island guests who bring their dogs on vacation and must walk around the Island on the shoulders of the road or share use paths to give them proper exercise and that is not always the best place but the only places they have to do that. And that is a shame and a large blemish on this Sanctuary Island’s image.

A dog park that this group wants to have is a fenced one acre area where dogs can run and play safely without a leash, and the grounds properly cared for by the club members. With thousands of acres devoted to our wildlife and native vegetation, why can we not find an acre for man’s best friend? Dog owners are a peaceful group, but they need to rally and make their voices heard. There is strength and power in their numbers so they should use it to find their home for their dogs and put real meaning to Sanibel being a “Sanctuary Island.”

Joe Smaha