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Road resurfacing in north Cape under way

By Staff | Mar 16, 2011

Repaving in northwest Cape Coral got under way Wednesday, the same day the Transportation Advisory Commission supported more funding for a second phase of repaving work in the future.
The TAC approved using $250,000 for five additional miles of repaving work.
City Council previously approved $1.3 million for the work that began Wednesday, which is expected to cover roughly 19 miles, all north of Kismet Parkway.
Councilmember Kevin McGrail said the project’s contractor, S.T. Wooten, began spraying herbicides Wednesday, and will start milling and repaving the road next Monday.
McGrail said repaving was projected to take 90 days but S.T. Wooten is predicting it will take less.
McGrail said both the City Council and the TAC will continue to work until all 75 miles of roads that need repaving in North Cape Coral are done.
“Our goal is every year to see if we can whittle down the neighborhoods that need repaving,” McGrail said.
The TAC pledged $250,000 to those future paving plans, as well as $75,000 to milling and resurfacing of Wildwood Parkway from Country Club to Palm Tree Boulevard.
Those funds came from $900,000 of undesignated paving funds for FY 2011.
The remainder of those funds are going to rolled into improving and resurfacing Viscaya Parkway from Del Prado to Southeast 9th Street.
Although approved by the TAC, the final approval must come from the City Council as a whole.
McGrail is asking people who still need their roads paved in the North Cape to keep “attention focused on their neighborhoods.”
“Hopefully our entire council is understanding that when funds become available, a portion needs to be made available for whittling down the deficit,” he said.