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Panel survey for Village residents is in the mail

By Staff | Mar 16, 2011

The Captiva Community Panel is conducting a mail survey of property owners in the Village to determine a consensus on which building-height standard should be applied to Village lots if the Village is granted an exemption from the proposed islandwide building-height standard being offered in the revised Captiva Land Development Code.

A letter and postcard was mailed earlier in the week to every Village property owner, and will need to be returned by Friday, April 1, so that the Panel can review and discuss the results during their April 12 meeting.

The existing building height requirement for new construction and for any structures rebuilt after fire or natural disaster states, “No building or structure may be erected or altered so that the peak of the roof exceeds 35 feet above the average grade of the lot in question or 42 feet above mean sea level, whichever is lower.”

After several public meetings and workshops, the Panel, with the help of a professional planner, developed a new building height standard, which reads, “No building or structure may be erected or altered so that the peak of the roof, or the mean height level between eaves and ridge in the case of gable, hip and gambrel roofs, exceeds 28 feet above the lowest horizontal member at or below the lawful base elevation.”

In a letter that accompanies the survey, the Panel suggests three reasons for making the change:

• to allow more fairness in the event of buildback following a natural disaster

• to take into account the impact of potential future changes in FEMA or Florida Department of Environmental Protection base flood elevation requirements

• to provide relief to property owners given the range of lot sizes and base flood elevations on the island, particularly since both the current and proposed height standards would not allow for any deviation or variance.

The letter also suggests that some Village residents have expressed the urge to “opt out” of the proposed standard in that it might allow the constructions of buildings that are, in regards to scale and other homes, too tall for such small lots. The Panel does not disagree with these residents, but is surveying the community to make sure all Village property owners have the opportunity to provide feedback on the matter.

The survey asks residents to check the box describing the height standard they prefer in the village:

1. I want the proposed island-wide standard to apply to the Village as well

2. I do not support the proposed island-wide standard for the Village, and want to retain the current height standards.

Space for additional comments is also provided for responders.

For more information about the proposed islandwide height-standard and the land development code, go to www.CaptivaCommunityPanel.com.

The Captiva Community Panel will discuss the results of the survey on Tuesday, April 12, at 9 a.m. in the Wakefield Room at ‘Tween Waters Inn, 15951 Captiva Drive.