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Aztec Plumbing Warriors hold their hatchets up high

By Staff | Mar 16, 2011

Last Wednesday had an exciting night at the Sanibel ball fields. In the game of the week, the Aztec Plumbing Warriors buried the hatchet — into Sanctuary Island Electric.

Aztec built a pyramid of runs early in the game taking a 9-0 lead. By the end of the fifth inning, Sanctuary Island Electric had slowly climbed near the top, to just one run behind at 21-20. So close to catching up took all their energy though.

Sanctuary Island Electric fizzled out and Aztec Plumbing flushed them down the drain. Final score: Aztec 26, Sanctuary Electric 22.

In another game last Wednesday, the undefeated Williams and Williams played last season’s champions the Sanibel Grill. Knowing that this game may very well determine first place come end of season, both teams brought out their big guns.

Who else on the Williams team should stand out as their star player? It was none other than the fearless Captain Joe Ramsey. He made several sensational all-star catches out in right field despite a lack of proper lighting in left field. But it wasn’t enough against Sanibel Grill’s third baseman Andy Miller, who batted like a champ. He distributed RBI’s like they were Crystal Water. He led the Grill to score a sizzling 26 runs. Final score: Sanibel Grill 26, Williams and Williams 16.

And in the final game of the evening, the new Sanibel Deli softball team challenged the veterans: Bailey’s Baggers.

“Age and good looks will always prevail over youth and inexperience,” said Bailey’s captain Deb Gleason.

Bailey’s led most the game, but half way through the fifth inning, the game was tied at 13 runs apiece. Just a few more innings of holding on and Sanibel Deli might have gotten their first win of the season. But the game quickly slipped out of their hands like a sub with too much olive oil. They gave up eight runs in the sixth inning that led Bailey’s to win with a final score of 24-18.

“We pounded Sanibel Deli into a flatbread sandwich,” said Gleason with a hungry look in her eye.

The Sanibel Softball League plays every Wednesday night at the Sanibel Ball Fields. For more information, contact the Sanibel Recreation Center at 472-0345.