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Fire District commissioners approve ALS request

By Staff | Mar 9, 2011

A public meeting was held on Monday morning at the Captiva Civic Center to inform Captivans about the possible benefits of bringing Advanced Life Services (ALS/non-transport) to Captiva, and on Tuesday night, the Captiva Island Fire Control District Board of Commissioners — made up of Bob Brace, Sherrill Sims and Colin Kilgore — voted unanimously to approve paramedic training for three Fire District employees at Edison State College.

Assistant Chief Rich Dickerson, one of only two paramedics on the Fire District’s staff, says the training will be beneficial for the entire island.

“I think bringing ALS to Captiva is well overdue and so did the Commissioners,” Dickerson said, noting that on Monday, the day of the public meeting, the Fire District received a call for a cardiac arrest on the island — the second in under a month.

Advanced Life Support capabilities include on-site cardiac defibrillation and intravenous cannulation (inserting an IV) and would allow Fire District paramedics to take medical action immediately instead of waiting for Lee County Emergency Medical Services to arrive.

Paramedic training, which takes about a year and a half to complete, costs approximately $5,000 per person.

Captivans with questions about ALS/non-transport are encouraged to call the Fire District, 472-9494, and ask for Dickerson or Chief Jay Halverson if they have questions.