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Farwell closes symbolic CCA art season with ‘Progressions’ exhibit

By Staff | Mar 9, 2011

Martha LeVert, Stella Farwell and Lynne White at the opening of Stella's "Progressions," at the Captiva Civic Association.

It’s not every year that island organizations celebrate their 75th anniversaries — but the Captiva Civic Association is one that can proudly tuck the dodranscentennial feather in its cap — or sun hat, perhaps.

The CCA celebrated its 75th season like any other — with an extraordinary line-up of accomplished, local artists.

“We had a wonderful variety of style, subject matter and media and it really was a wonderful season for art at the CCA,” said member Sharon Brace.

The CCA’s art season began in December with renowned island photographer Charlie McCullough.

“Charlie’s photographs really capture the flavors of the islands from a bygone era — there is a wonderful nostalgia about his work, and we’re fortunate to have someone who’s chronicled that time period so that we can look at it now and appreciate it,” Brace said.

Gordon Hullar, Ann Bradley and Doris Holzheimer.

And where McCullough uses film to capture people and places, island photographer Sallie Rich — the second exhibitor at the CCA this season — focuses on a more timeless subject matter.

“Sallie’s exhibit featured wildlife photography — but she’s so much more than just a nature photographer, and her work is beautiful,” Brace said.

And then, just when Captivans were probably hoping for more stunning island photography, Captiva artist Susan Scott splashed bold watercolors, unique textiles and ultra-modern design all over the Civic Center walls.

“Susan’s exhibit was very contemporary and very strong, graphic and colorful — almost the complete opposite of what preceded her,” Brace said.

Last Saturday, Stella Farwell opened “Progressions: From 7th Grade to Now,” the final exhibit of the CCA’s 75th season.

John Janocha and Claire Meredith.

“Stella has a broad range of media and construction. It’s a very eclectic mix of materials and style,” Brace said, noting that Farwell’s structural installation in the organization’s front yard — entitled “Wowzee” — is a first for the CCA.

“We had four incredible artists this season, and in many ways, the series was very representative of this concept of time, or celebrating the passage of time,” Brace said. “The exhibits all together were like a progression — from Charlie’s images of the past to Sallie’s timeless wildlife, then to Susan’s fresh and modern work and ending with Stella’s literal progression as an artist.”

But season isn’t over yet — the ABC Sale doesn’t even take place until tomorrow night — and Farwell’s exhibit will be on display throughout April, when the CCA’s 75th season officially ends.

For more information about the Captiva Civic Association, call 472-2111.

The Captiva Civic Association is located at 11550 Chapin Lane.

Sherrill Sims.

Caroline Gipson and Caroline Monte.