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Teens to undergo pre-file diversion program

By Staff | Mar 8, 2011

A Cape Coral teen and three others accused of threatening to kill another teen will undergo a pre-file diversion program, according to state officials.
Camren Melon Monroe, 14, of 2714 N.W. Fifth Terrace, was arrested and charged Feb. 2 with aggravated stalking person under 16 years old. She and three others reportedly threatened a teen’s life on a social networking site because they believed that the teen was responsible for a friend’s arrest.
The State Attorney’s Office announced Tuesday that it had completed a review of the cases against the four juveniles and all four will be entered into a program called the Neighborhood Accountability Board. The resolution was discussed with the victim’s family, which agreed with the decision.
“Sanctions could include community service, restrictions on their ability to use the Internet or curfews,” Samantha Syoen, spokeswoman for the state, wrote in a prepared statement. “If they don’t follow the NAB outline, their cases go back on the docket to be handled through the juvenile system.”
Monroe and her family could not be reached for comment Tuesday.
The other teens are Nichole Renae Cruz, 14, of Fort Myers; and Hope Anne Williams, 14, and Amber Nichole Fredrick, 14, both of North Fort Myers.
On Jan. 28, a parent of a North Fort Myers Academy for the Arts student told the Lee County Sheriff’s Office that death threats against her child had been posted on Facebook. The parent provided authorities with the Facebook conversations reportedly between Monroe, Cruz, Williams and Fredrick.
The parent had learned of the deaths threats from her child, who had been approached at school and warned by others that there were threats against his life on Facebook. The teen’s sibling had also been approached. In fear for her children’s safety, the parent removed both children from the school.
In the conversations, the four teens discuss the identity of a suspected snitch and each one makes a threat to kill the boy, according to officials. The dialogue indicates that they believe that the teen notified law enforcement and caused the arrest of their friend, Nicholas Gonzalez, 14.
A woman who answered the phone at Fredrick’s residence declined to comment Tuesday. The families of the other two could not be reached.
Gonzalez was arrested Jan. 27 for possession of a firearm at North Fort Myers Academy for the Arts, at 1856 Arts Way, in North Fort Myers.
An investigation revealed that the boy had no involvement in the arrest.