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Photographer Ward celebrates natural beauty with Kay Casperson Spa display

By Staff | Mar 3, 2011

Eleanor Ward.

Nature Photographer Eleanor Ward and beauty expert Kay Casperson may not seem like they have a lot in common — one works with wildlife, film and composition, the other works with people, products and services.

But these two women share a philosophy — and a profound passion — for the concept of natural beauty.

“Kay is all about natural beauty, love and loving the things about you and around you — which is really about what nature photography is about,” Ward said. “When city dwellers are here, they can see experience the beauty and peace of nature all around them, and I try to capture that for them so that they can take a piece of that nature with them and when they look at it, they can escape, if only for a moment, back to that beautiful, quiet time.”

Which is exactly what Casperson offers at her spa and lifestyle boutique — a chance for people to escape the stresses of daily life, if only for a little while.

“Kay’s spa is the perfect place for people to relax, reconnect with themselves and enjoy the beautiful things in life — that’s what I always want my photographs to accomplish,” Ward said.

Many of Casperson's beauty products are made from natural botanicals.

From graceful ibises and roseate spoonbills to blossoming bougainvillea and hibiscus, Ward said that Sanibel and Captiva offer her an endless supply of inspiration — and, naturally, she couldn’t think of a more suitable place to share her images than at the Kay Casperson Lifestyle Spa and Boutique, where Casperson sells her innovative line of natural products, also inspired by all the beautiful botanical benefits the natural world has to offer.

“We felt that Eleanor’s photography was very calming and soothing and so natural, and so it’s very conducive for the spa’s environment. Everything we do upstairs has to do with nature and relaxing — all of our treatment rooms have names and themes like Starfish Circle, Dolphin Drive and Pelican Place — and because Eleanor takes such beautiful pictures of things in our natural environment, she was a perfect fit,” Casperson said.

In addition, for every photograph of Ward’s that the Kay Casperson Lifestyle Spa and Boutique sells, 100 percent of the money that the spa earns through its consigning fee will be donated to local environmental organizations, such as the Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation and People United to Restore our Rivers and Estuaries.

Ward’s nature photographs are on display upstairs at the Kay Casperson Lifestyle Spa and Boutique, located in Chadwick’s Square on Captiva, and also on the islands at Lily & Co. Jewelers, San-Cap Realty, Royal Shell, R.S. Walsh Landscaping and in Fort Myers at Gatorbites.

To see more of Eleanor Ward’s work, go to www.naturesgifts-photoart.com.

To learn more about the Kay Casperson Lifestyle Spa and Boutique and natural Kay Casperson products, go to www.KayCasperson.com.