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ARTPoems breakout hit of Sanibel season

By Staff | Mar 3, 2011

Poet Jesse Millner with artist Sheila Hoen.

With video and music expanding its multi-media collaborative borders, ARTPoems provided an unforgettable experience to a Friday night audience at BIG ARTS’ Schein Hall.

The twenty-four ARTPoems performed were the result of collaborations in a wide range of media and materials including oil, acrylic, wood, plastic, clay, paper, mixed media, photography, digital imaging and video.

Three musicians — Dr. John Green, Erica Griswold and Beth Warner — provided musical accompaniment for three poets and News-Press editorial cartoonist Doug MacGregor brought down the house and broke the creative multi-media mold by producing a video for my poem, “Stranger in My Eye,” for which he provided artwork, music, digital imaging and singing.

Artists like James Hixson were inspired to produce art in new media. Poet Lorraine Vail experimented with the sestina, a difficult poetic form, which in turn inspired collaborator Dennis Joyce to depart from his usual sculpture to produce a color wheel using the poem’s six end words.

Collaborating visual artists were Peg Cullen, Martha Graham, Philip Heubeck, James Hixson, Sheila Hoen, Hollis Jeffcoat, Dennis Joyce, David King, Doug MacGregor, Don Mauer, Andi McCarter and J.R. Roberts.

Poet Carol Drummond with artist J. R. Roberts.

Brittney Brady, Jim Brock, Carol Drummond, Katelyn Gravel, Sandy Greco, Linda Mary Mashie, Bob Maxeiner, Jesse Millner, Joseph Pacheco, Sid Simon, Larry Stiles and Lorraine Vail were the poets.

The reception provided an opportunity for the audience to examine the artworks up close. While the poets read, the corresponding artwork was displayed on a big screen and the evening ended with a big screen finale of the artworks produced by Pam Brodersen with a sound track by Emmy-winning flutist Kat Epple.

Poet Joe Pacheco with artist Philip Heubeck.

Poet Sandy Greco with artist James Hixon

Poet Sid Simon.