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Stories For Grownups returns March 5

By Staff | Feb 21, 2011

The first Friday of the month at the Sanibel Public Library is set aside for Stories For Grownups. This month’s story-telling event, scheduled for Friday, March 5 from 2 to 3 p.m., we get to hear four of the best story writers on the island. They are connected to the five Island Writers’ groups.

Featured will be Dick Barron, Jane Hoog, Carole Fannon and a “surprise” story-teller, each proudly representing Sanibel Island story-tellers.

They’re all veterans of the Writers Read events, (and mark your calendars for that special event coming up on Thursday, March 10 at 7:30 p.m.) where they triumphed in the peer review process, so you know they’re good. We recommend you arrive early to get a seat.

Last month, the story-tellers drew an exceptionally full house. The tellers were all connected to Periwinkle Park, the islands’ campground and trailer park. They were a smash hit. If you were there, we know you’ll be back this very First Friday.

The format for Stories For Grownups runs like this: The first half hour has a featured story-teller or a group of them. But in the second half hour, the stories come from the audience. The whole package is a delight, month after month.

The event’s emcee, Dr. Sidney B. Simon, was the scheduled story-teller in January. It, too, was a full house and an artistic success, with a dozen stories coming from the audience. Sid is the regular host of the event, and seems to have the knack for drawing stories out of the audience with his great wit and kindness.

In April, there will be a repeat — a “command performance” of sorts — of Professor Emeritus Simon. Put it on your calendar: Friday, April 1. Same time, same place. If you missed him in January, or want to see him with many new stories, be there on April 1.

Events like this can’t really happen without the efforts of a dedicated committee. The active members are Sylvia Chamberlin and Beth Gillis. You will see their smiling faces as they greet you on March 4. Here’s hoping you’ll be at First Friday Stories For Grownups at the Sanibel Public Library, located at 770 Dunlop Road. Call the library at 472-2483 if you need more information.