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Chamber to bring in Disney Institute leadership session

By Staff | Feb 19, 2011

The Cape Coral Chamber of Commerce is bringing in the house that Walt built to teach local businesses about leadership.
The Disney Institute is being welcomed to the city by the chamber for a leadership exercise in April, a move that Chamber president Mike Quaintance hopes will create success for attendees.
“I’m hoping our participants become re-energized and hopefully pick up some new information to help them be more successful in their business and in the community,” he added.
The day-long session will lean on Disney’s universal message about leadership, and doing things the Disney way.
Disney Institute Public Relations Manager Stacey Thomson said the results of the session could mean a myriad of things to the businesses that participate, and their approach is starting at the top and working down.
Executive leadership often has to face “tough conversations” with themselves, she said.
“It could be minor tweaks or it could be a tough conversation … but we’re different from other companies because we don’t train front-line employees first. We get executive leadership on board first,” she said.
The Disney Institute has offered these kinds of services to public and private organizations around the world.
Thomson said the institute began after Disney executives realized their business method was not only proven, but could be a valuable tool for businesses in general.
She said they really try and teach their clients that there is no quick fix, that they really must be willing and dedicated to wanting to change their culture of their company.
“We have executives come to us and say, make my people nice. But it’s not that easy, there is no quick fix. For all the pieces to fall in place, it really must start with changing the company’s culture,” she said.
Quaintance said roughly 80 tickets for the event have been sold of the 150 available.
Open to the community, he said the event has been spreading by word of mouth.
The work of the Disney Institute has a good reputation, he said, and the Disney name has been attracting people who might not have wanted to be part of the event.
“Everyone I talked to that’s done these things said the Disney name brings out people who are curious about what Disney does, and their processes,” he said. “It’s been amazing how well regarded they are … our hope is to have a long relationship with them.”
For more information contact the Chamber of Commerce at 549-6900. The event is April 6.