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Walgreen’s proposes new downtown location

By Staff | Feb 16, 2011

A new Walgreen’s drugstore is being eyed for the corner of Cape Coral and Coronado Parkways, on the southeast corner across from the existing CVS.
Community Redevelopment Agency Commissioners heard the proposal Tuesday night, but it was only an informational session. The retail project will still have to come before the Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council for a vote. During that time the project will be officially reviewed by the CRA Board.
Early reaction from the board indicated a high level of support.
“This could be the cornerstone for Cape Coral Parkway’s rebirth, so to speak,” said CRA Chairman Don Heisler.
Councilmember Marty McClain, the CRA liaison, said the project came together smoothly, if not quietly, for five months.
He praised the work of City Manager Gary King, Assistant City Manager Carl Schwing, and city staff for working on the project.
“We’ve been putting together this package and didn’t want anyone to know it … all the glitches we would have come across were addressed behind closed doors,” McClain said.
Bob Brett from R.K.M. Development said the company liked the recent commercial development in this CRA – including the new Sweetbay – and thought a new Walgreen’s would be a good fit.
“With some of the other projects going on down here, it’s worth it,” Brett said.
The new Walgreen’s will replace the current location, also located on Cape Coral Parkway. Brett said that building is only being leased by Walgreen’s, and does not know what will happen with the building after Walgreen’s closes.
CRA Executive Director John Jacobsen said the new store would enhance the Parkway.
“It’s going to be nice to see some new construction downtown and we hope they’ll be good business partners for us,” Jacobsen said.