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Sanibel Air recommends adding sunshine to your home

By Staff | Feb 16, 2011

Sanibel and Captiva Island residents are familiar with plenty of sunshine and know a thing or two about the negative effect that overexposure to ultraviolet radiation can have on human skin. However, many people don’t always know that ultraviolet light doesn’t always have to be a detrimental force and can actually be quite good for us.

Ultraviolet lighting can be used to combat common household problems created by various microorganisms, allergens and odor-causing agents in our air. The simple task of installing an artificial UV light to your air handler in your air conditioning system can significantly improve the air quality in your home.

Part of the problem in indoor air contamination is that our homes are simply built better and are well sealed, and very little fresh air can enter or escape. Compounding the problem is our dependence on air conditioning systems where the air handler’s dark and moist environment can provide a perfect breeding ground for certain microorganisms. The comfort system circulates this air through the home, but does nothing to improve its quality.

As Sanibel and Captiva Islands are surrounded by water, excessive moisture in our air encourages the growth of mold and long-term exposure to some species of mold can pose some health risks. Excessive moisture can come in many forms: leaking pipes, storm water damage, or in poorly ventilated areas. Leaving a home unused for a prolonged period of time can also provide the perfect environment for mold growth.

Sunlight acts as one of the best air purification systems around – it helps purify our indoor environment by entering through the windows and doors. Its ultraviolet C wave produces the light that is nature’s way of cleansing the air, and can penetrate the structure of a microorganism, disrupt its DNA and stop it from breeding.

Humans have harnessed this ability and have been using UV light for germicidal radiation. Food and wastewater industries have been using this technique since the 20th century and now, the practice has been brought into air purification.

There are several areas in our homes that never get exposed to sunlight. It’s very important to regularly inspect your air conditioning system and make sure that it’s running well. Artificial UV lights can be installed inside air handlers and help keep the air clean of microorganisms. They are very simple and relatively inexpensive for the job. They’re safe, help prevent expensive chemical clean-ups and don’t cost more than energy-efficient fluorescent lights to operate.

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