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Metz, Fuller funeral homes merge

By Staff | Feb 10, 2011

Metz and Fuller funeral homes are combining forces to become Fuller-Metz Cremation and Funeral Services.
The move is scheduled to be completed in roughly three weeks, according to managing partner David Wolf.
Essentially, the move will close the Metz location on Lafayette Street in downtown Cape Coral and focus the operations on the newly redesigned location on Del Prado Boulevard.
Wolf said the Del Prado location was completely overhauled with what he said is top-of-the-line technologies in funeral services.
Webcast services, flat screen high definition televisions, computers, free wi-fi and Facebook-style web sites are now part of the services they offer.
“It’s incredible the kind of technology that’s available,” Wolf said. “It’s amazing what we’re capable of doing.”
The team from the Metz location is moving to the Del Prado location, Wolf added, which was chosen for its size and central location.
“The bricks and the mortar aren’t moving, of course, but the staff and the level of service we provide will be the same,” Wolf said.
Fuller-Metz is hosting a Chamber of Commerce of Cape Coral and open house event on Feb. 17, from 5:30-7 p.m., which is open to the public and will feature refreshments and door prizes.
Attendees will have the chance to see some of the technologies available at Fuller-Metz. The concepts might not be foreign, but the applications are new.
Wolf said webcasting allows relatives who do not live close by the chance to attend the services, and virtual guest registries will become more of high-tech family heirlooms than something to be stored away.
Having recently lost his great-grandmother, Wolf said bad weather prevented him from traveling to Oklahoma, and the webcast option would have come in handy.
“There’s a whole host of new opportunities for families to begin the healing process,” he said.
The former Metz building will reopen sometime soon under a new name, but will not have the same technological capabilities of the newly redesigned location on Del Prado.
“If someone has an emotional attachment to that building, we will be there, but you can’t get the new services at the old building,” Wolf added.
For more information call 542-3161.