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Parkway resurfacing meeting draws few concerns

By Staff | Feb 3, 2011

Public turnout was light Thursday night at an informational session aimed at answering questions related to the rebuilding of Cape Coral Parkway, which is scheduled to be completed this year.
Interim Public Works Director Steve Neff said he hoped more people would show for the meeting, but added that the turnout might say something more about the project than the informational meeting itself.
“It might indicate they’re (the public) happy it’s happening,” Neff said, adding, “The project has gotten a lot of good coverage, I think people are pretty informed.”
The project is slated to begin April 27 and last for approximately six months.
Not a mere resurfacing project, the rebuilding of Cape Coral Parkway between Coronado and Del Prado will include milling the existing road before it is resurfaced.
The road will be milled five inches, then layered with four inches of structure asphalt, and an inch of surface asphalt, according to Neff.
The project should keep Cape Coral Parkway looking good for several years.
Tom Rosanio, owner of Zak’s Jewelry along Cape Coral Parkway, said he’s not too concerned the rebuilding project will hurt his business.
Rosanio said he was pleased about the project’s timing and that the Community Redevelopment Agency and city staff have kept the business community in mind when planning the project.
“They’ve have really taken us into consideration,” Rosanio said. “Summer is the best time to do it, we’re slower in the summer.”
Kevin Cacciola has lived in the CRA for a year and half.
Cacciola doesn’t think the project will interrupt traffic too much, but he has a special affection for the current condition of Cape Coral Parkway, as he feels the potholes actually slow down traffic through the district.
More important for future of the CRA is its Vision Plan, Cacciola said.
“It’s important to follow through with plan,” he said. “But it looks like everyone is on board.”