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Sanibel Air offers function and flair with LG ‘Art Cool’

By Staff | Feb 2, 2011

Owners of the LG Art Cool can customize their model to feature everything from classic works of art to family photos. The choices are as unlimited as your imagination.

Because Fort Myers has a reputation for ranking among the nation’s top 10 “sweatiest cities,” some might consider Sanibel and Captiva some of the “sweatiest barrier islands” in the United States.

And for islanders who are looking for a more stylish way to stay cool, Sanibel Air Conditioning, Inc. has a solution — LG’s newest line of Art Cool heat pump systems.

Though, it might not be exactly what you expect — in fact, if you walked into a room conditioned by one of these unique units, you might not notice it at all.

That’s because the LG Art Cool’s innovative design allows the homeowner to customize and recustomize a framed panel — whether it’s with family photographs, a scenic vista or a favorite work of art — that camouflages the indoor unit, making blocky, noisy window units a thing of the past.

“You can change the picture any time — with the seasons or once a week, if you want. The units look great and they work really well. They’re fun and versatile — great for garages, storage areas, art studios, bedrooms and game rooms,” said Sanibel Air’s Todd Hayes. “I’ve installed many for collectors who want to keep their cars in good shape.”

Hayes said the Art Cool system is also good for additions to the home, like enclosed patios where there’s no room for duct work.

The indoor wall unit, controlled by remote, connects to a streamlined, outdoor heat pump system, both of which Hayes said are extremely quiet while running.

“They’re fairly easy to install, and not too expensive,” Hayes said, noting that prices range as high as $4,000. “It’s a great unit and it’s worth it the money, especially if you’re looking for something different or eye-catching. The average life span of the LG Art Cool is about 10 years, which is good considering the coastal environment we live in.”

Because the islands are full of artists, photographers and authors, Hayes said the LG Art Cool is a great solution for creative people who don’t want to sacrifice style for function.

Though, as Hayes also pointed out, the LG Art Cool is only the start of what the future of innovative air conditioning might hold.

“LG has been talking about making a system like this with a television screen in it for years.” Hayes laughed but acknowledged the novelty of the idea. “That would be neat, but I don’t think we’ll see it any time soon!”

For more information the LG Art Cool, go to www.artcoollg.com‘>www.artcoollg.com, or call Sanibel Air at 395-2665.

Sanibel Air is located at 1213 Periwinkle Way, Suite A.