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Rock groin will keep pass open

By Staff | Feb 2, 2011

To the editor,

Several years ago after Blind Pass closed within two months after being dredged, I wrote a letter to you, the Corp of Engineers and the island papers how to keep the pass open. I never got a response from anyone or my letter published.

Again, the only chance for the pass to stay open is to build a rock groin on the south (Sanibel) side similar to the one on the north (Captiva) side that extends westward to the same longitudinal line as the north (Captiva) one, which should also be extended 100 feet further westward into the gulf. The width between the two should be 200 yards.

It is obvious that the “experts” do not know what they are doing, except cashing their checks for bad information. Look at any pass that is open on this coast or the east coast, and the above structures are in place. This information is common sense and costs nothing but using common sense.

Wake up, Lee County!

J. Bert Davis, MD

Fort Myers