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Brandt announces re-election bid

By Staff | Jan 27, 2011

Councilmember Pete Brandt said his work is not yet done in the city, and he plans on seeking re-election to his District 2 seat in November.
Public Works employees taking “long lunches” at Popeye’s Chicken and Biscuits, and a water sufficiency study from 2004, were the jumping off points for Brandt’s announcement, citing continued “lack of discipline and adequate management controls within the city administration” as the reasons for a second council bid.
Brandt said he feels there’s still more room for reorganization in the Public Works department, and there are several areas, including management, that could be streamlined.
“There are still some areas where we’re overstaffed. I’d like to see upper management streamlined,” Brandt said.
Brandt said he didn’t know how city management was alerted to Public Works staff taking their lunch break outside of the city limits. Brandt also said “10 – 12” employees were found to have violated city policy when it came to lunch breaks.
Brandt said he also plans to keep pushing ahead with the “Contract for Cape Coral”, and that he will “continue to cut taxes”.
“In most cases we’ve made great progress … we’re getting the city administration straightened out,” he said.
Brandt, 79, already has opposition for his seat in Richard Leon, 24.
Leon hasn’t officially declared his intent to run for the seat and Brandt said he was unaware of anyone else registering.
Leon said Thursday that Brandt has done “some” good for the city.
“I’m glad he’s chosen to run again. He’s done some good thing, but some things I disagree with and most citizens disagree with. That’s why I plan on running,” Leon said.
Fifty or so supporters thought Brandt has been good for the city, showing support for his re-election bid by showing for his announcement outside city hall.
Vic and Emma Argento, and their doberman, Spirit, came out to show support for Brandt.
“We voted for Mr. Brandt previously,” Vic said. “He’s very conservative and conscious for what’s best for the city.”