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Sanibel Grill sizzles in softball title tilt

By Staff | Jan 26, 2011

The Sanibel Grill Wrecking Crew won the 2011 Sanibel Adult Co-Ed Softball League Championship with a 24-9 victory over Williams And Williams.

The King has been crowned!

The Sanibel Grill Wrecking Crew has once again claimed the prestigious title as the Sanibel Adult Co-Ed Softball League Champions. To do this, they had to overcome their archenemies Williams And Williams in a finals of epic proportions.

The championship game was a veritable Iliad on the ball diamond. The score waged back and forth like a turbulent battle among ancient foes.

Williams And Williams Captain Joe Ramsey was a King Priam, urging his Trojan warriors on to glorious combat from the relative safety of far right field. Thanks to the strong batting arm of Williams’ players like “Hector” Randy Gerlach and pretty boy “Paris” Peter Kendall, the team took an early 6-5 lead.

However, the broad shielded defense of the Sanibel Grill stymied the Williams onslaught, holding Williams And Williams to only another three runs throughout the entire game. Grill Captain Dale Gurnsey was the strategic Odysseus that led his team to mount a glorious comeback.

Having inched into a 10-9 lead, the Sanibel Grill took a gamble in a play Gurnsey dubbed “Operation Trojan Horse.” Since the details of the gambit cannot be revealed, it is enough to say that it paid off. Player after player rounded the bases on chariots racking up the score.

In the end, Sanibel Grill Wrecking Crew demolished their opponents, 24-9.

“The gods were on our side, and Gurnsey’s hair was our Golden Fleece,” said Grill player Mark Childers after his team’s championship win.

In the first two rounds of the tournament, Williams And Williams blacked out Sanctuary Island Electric, 15-10, and Sanibel Grill slow-roasted the Bay To Beach Bombers, 20-5.

The next season of the adult softball league is scheduled to start on Feb. 9. Teams need to be signed up no later than Friday, Feb. 4. For more information, contact the Sanibel Recreation Center at 472-0345.