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Oasis Model United Nations team brings home awards

By Staff | Jan 22, 2011

The Oasis Model United Nations team brought home more awards from the Seahawks Model United Nations conference, along with setting a new record.
Out of the six committees that the Oasis team represented, five awards were won, along with the Verbal Accommodation award. Twenty-two students participated in the conference.
The biggest success story that came out of the latest Model United Nations conference was an Oasis student who broke the record for the youngest top award winner in a Florida high school Model United Nations conference.
Samir Nacer, who is in eighth grade said to receive the Great Compromise Award at his first Model United Nations conference “feels really exhilarating” and he is “very honored.”
The Great Compromise Award was given to the delegate who worked the hardest to bring different antagonistic parties together.
“He is an amazing young man and he has done so much,” Peter Ndiang’ui, social studies teacher and Model United Nations Advisor said. “He did extremely well, he got the top award. I am so proud of him.”
He explained that he went through a lot of training before he attended his first conference.
Nacer was on the Federal Republic of Nigeria committee. He addressed the issues of child labor and primary education during the conference.
Nacer said he prepared for the conference by doing a ton of research to learn more about the issues. After educating himself, he then tried to act as a delegate from his country, along with compiling all the information he learned from his research in his own words.
He explained that he tried “not to make it vague, but to explain to all the delegates of what was happening in the country.”
“I didn’t know how bad it was in most of the country,” he said.
Nacer learned from his first conference experiences that if he had something to say he should make his voice heard and not to be intimidated by others.
“I think it went pretty well for my first conference,” he said.
Nacer joined the Model United Nations team after all of his teachers recommended him due to his good grades.
The intelligence of the other delegates at the conference was what stood out most to Nacer, along with the delegates knowing their issues and having a solution.
“There were so many intelligent delegates there,” he said. “They were extremely smart when it came to knowing their country and taking a stance in their position.”
The other students who received an award are Claudia Hernandez, Devin Backhaus, Johana Gonzalez, Zachary Barrett, Seth Littlestone and Alissa Tondasch.
The remaining members of the team are Ciara Bennesse, Jenna Burgess, Dorina Bernard, Paula Moreno, Kristen Reilly, Zachary Peralto, Karishma Kalia, Tyler Hollis, Toby Williams, Austin Simpson, John O’Donnell, Victoria Littlestone, Emily Schwarck, Alexandra Mills and Nadine Joseph.
The next United Nations Conference, the Southwest Florida Conference will be held on March 10 and 11.