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Manufacturer seeks Lee County info

By Staff | Jan 22, 2011

A large manufacturer is looking for sites suitable for a 105,000-square-foot facility and economic development officials hope Cape Coral’s Veterans Investment Zone will be in the running if Lee County becomes the location of choice.
Due to confidentiality agreements, officials are remaining hush on the details however the business community was asked this week to submit sites for possible consideration.
A broadcast email dated Jan. 19 said a “Life Sciences” company was possibly looking to construct a facility “in or near” the new Veterans Administration Clinic.
Of the 105,000 square feet proposed, 60,000 would be dedicated to industrial space, 20,000 square feet to office space, 20,000 square feet to packing lines and 5,000 square feet for laboratory space, according to the email.
The memo indicated a deadline of Jan. 21 for details about suitable properties, if any.
Cape Coral’s Economic Development Office declined comment due to requirements that keep details confidential until a deal is arranged.
“We only received ‘bare’ information about the needs of this ‘confidential’ prospect. We are trying to gather information for this prospect about Cape Coral and potential available sites. That’s all we can say at this time,” city spokeswoman Connie Barron wrote in an email.
Lee County’s EDO was also mum on the prospective company, only indicating that the unnamed company was looking everywhere.
“The company is looking at all of Lee County. They are also looking at other potential sites,” Lee EDO spokeswoman Jennifer Berg said.
Cape Coral Councilmember Marty McClain confirmed the request for information regarding available land came from the county EDO, and that the Cape has been asked to provide information concerning properties in and around the VIZ, but added that due to confidentiality he also didn’t have much more information about the project.
McClain did think, however, that a manufacturer would fit nicely into the synergy the city is attempting to create around the new clinic.
“It’s exciting to find people who are looking to move forward with their projects,” McClain said, adding, “You want to use selectivity when it comes to the VIZ, but you also want to use all aspects and keep and open mind.”