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District encourages school ‘choice’ applications

By Staff | Jan 22, 2011

The Lee County School District received more applications during Batch 1 for student assignment registration on Tuesday than the previous year.
A total of 661 applications were turned in on Tuesday in the east attendance zone, with 387 of those being done online and 274 done in person. The west attendance zone had 821 applications, 594 completed online and 227 in person. The south attendance zone had 541 applications, 336 online and 205 in person.
Director of Student Assignment Leila Muvdi said they have been very busy since Tuesday. She explained that they received approximately 200 more applications online this year than the previous year on the first day and between 80-100 more in person.
“We are having a higher participation in batch one than last year,” she said about the 2,023 applications received.
Muvdi said they try to encourage parents to come to Batch 1 because that is when they have the greatest chance of getting their first choice of school due to the highest number of seats available.
“You miss your first batch, your chances are very slim,” Muvdi said about why it is so important for parents to come before March 4.
Batch 1 is done through a lottery, instead of through a first-come first- served basis. Muvdi explained that everyone who turns in an application before March 4 is within the same lottery. The lottery will run after the batch is closed on March 4 and a letter will be sent out on March 25 to inform parents to which school their child is assigned.
The Batch 1 Student Assignment is held for new families to the Lee County Public Schools, students entering kindergarten, students transitioning from middle to high school and a change of schools
Although applications can be submitted through the mail or in person, Muvdi encourages parents to fill out the application online because it is an easier and faster process.