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Overdue fines at library to double starting Feb. 1

By Staff | Jan 19, 2011

Library patrons that have a habit of keeping materials past their due date beware: increased overdue fines are on their way.
Starting Feb. 1, the Lee County Library System’s overdue fees will rise from 10 cents per day to 20 cents per day, per item.
System Director Sheldon Kaye said it’s an effort to increase revenue by revisiting the overdue fines, which has remained the same for many years.
“We have not revised our overdue charges for as long as anyone can remember and this will bring us up to date,” Kaye said. “Plus we have falling revenues and increased costs, so we believe this will help to supplement those overages.”
Each overdue item will have an overdue fine “cap,” according to Sheldon, of $6.
That means each item cannot accrue more than $6 of fines, but Sheldon did say that younger library patrons have the opportunity to “read down” their fines through the library’s program.
Patrons will still have a $25 cap on their total fines. Once a library patron accrues $25 in fines, their borrowing privileges are revoked until they pay the fine down below $25.
“Their borrowing privileges are suspended, but they are still welcome to utilize the library’s facilities and services,” Sheldon added.
In other news, the Cape Coral Public Library has moved its Blu-Ray movie collection behind the service counter due to theft, according to library staff.
The collection will remain behind the counter while new security measures are put in place, so patrons will have to browse the collection online until then.
Kaye said he was unaware of any theft problems at the branch, but said the Blu-Ray movies system-wide have been very popular and well received.
The Northwest Regional Library’s Blu-Ray collection is still available to browse.
For more information on the forthcoming overdue fine increase, call 533-4800.