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Captiva Mullet Marching Band premiers with Andy Rosse parade

By Staff | Jan 19, 2011

The Captiva Mullet Marching Band was rained out on Monday, but on Tuesday, they paraded down Andy Rosse Lane — singing, playing instruments and dancing all the way — to watch the sunset on the beach at the Mucky Duck.

Every January, a group of singers, songwriters and musicians wash ashore near Jensen’s Marina for a few weeks — to write, to relax, to perform, to catch up.

But on Tuesday, this January tradition became something much more — the Captiva Mullet Marching Band.

In an effort to transform old traditions into new ones, the Jensen brothers — Dave, Jimmy and John — assembled the visiting musicians and other local talents into one big troop of tropical troubadours.

Each “mullet,” or parade participant, traveled the distance from Jensen’s Marina, down Andy Rosse Lane and to the Mucky Duck for a sunset serenade.

According to the Jensen brothers, the idea of “musical mullets on the move” was the brainchild of visiting singer/songwriters Brent Moyer and Joe Sun of Nashville, Tenn., who stop by Jensen’s Marina every January for a visit.

Dave Jensen and Queenie Viglione, ready for action!

In a statement about the event, Moyer noted, “The concept of mullets on the move and music was spawned at no better place than Jensen’s Marina.”

Inspired by the sense of community togetherness that the Captiva Holiday Village created in December, Dave Jensen thought a parade of musical, marching “mullets” would be something exciting and fun for the whole community to be involved in.

“We all thought it would be great to make music and march to the beach for sunset — just for fun,” said Jimmy Jensen. “And it was really fun. When the parade started at Jensen’s Marina, there were probably about 20 of us. We had the horns and the drums going, we were dancing, and by the time we got to the beach at the Mucky Duck for sunset, we had 50 or 60 people.”

And, after such a successful premier — despite gray skies — Jimmy said that the march could easily become an annual — and possibly monthly, in season — event on Captiva.

“It’s a celebration of the community, the music — and the mullet, of course,” Jimmy said.

Mullet marchers making merry.

For more information about upcoming Mullet Marches, call Jensen’s Marina at 472-5800.