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Cape Coral Parkway rebuild expected to begin in April

By Staff | Jan 18, 2011

The rebuilding of Cape Coral Parkway is scheduled to begin April 27 and is estimated to last six months, according to interim Public Works Director Steve Neff.
Also the city’s transportation manager, Neff told the Community Redevelopment Agency Board on Tuesday the work should be completed by late October.
“We’re finalizing the schedule as we speak,” Neff said.
Transportation staff will be on hand to answer any questions the public may have about the rebuilding process at an upcoming open house.. That forum is scheduled for Thursday, Feb. 3, from 5 – 7 p.m. at the CRA offices in Big John’s Plaza.
Not a mere resurfacing project, the rebuilding of Cape Coral Parkway between Coronado and Del Prado will include milling the existing road before it is then resurfaced.
The road will be milled five inches, then layered with four inches of structure asphalt, and an inch of surface asphalt, according to Neff.
The project should keep Cape Coral Parkway looking good fro several years.
“We say it should be another 12 to 14 years without rneeding to be resurfaced,” Neff said, adding, “You would hope you wouldn’t have to do resurfacing on the level were doing it on this project.”
Rebuilding Cape Coral Parkway is scheduled to come in within the project budget, according to Neff.
CRA Chairman Don Heisler was concerned the project would interfere with Cape Coral’s “season”, when snow birds return to the area.
“It sounds like me we might get into the window prior to next season … we backed it up to get away from this season, we don’t want it to bleed into next season,” Heisler said.
In other news, Edison State College Professor Thomas McNulty called the first round of small business classes a success.
The classes, held at the CRA office last weekend and taught by McNulty, resulted in a “full house”, according to McNulty, who also said that all the seats will be filled for the next workshop session.
“I think the count will continue. I am sort of impressed by it,” McNulty said of the turnout.
The classes provide information and lessons for current and prospective small business owners in Cape Coral. Those with existing businesses in the CRA were offered the opportunity to have the class fees reimbursed upon completion.
CRA Board member Rich Greer praised the classes and McNulty’s efforts.
“His passion is a blessing to our community,” Greer said.