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CRA board to hear updates on projects

By Staff | Jan 17, 2011

At its meeting Tuesday, the Community Redevelopment Agency will hear updates on several projects.
Though the board met Thursday, Jan. 13, to discuss its in-progress vision plan, this will be the first time the board has had an opportunity to touch base on a number of the CRA’s ongoing projects and initiatives.
Agenda items set for discussion/vote:
n Underground transmission lines: Executive Director John Jacobsen said the city and LCEC are still trying to work out permitting issues, which caused the project to miss its previously projected start date of early January.
While he was uncertain when the project will officially break ground, he said business owners and residents in the area will get letters notifying them when the work is set to proceed.
Once the work does begin, Jacobsen said all residents will be able to track the progress on the city’s website.
He said the progress will be updated each week as the work is completed, and show what’s ahead for the following week.
An agreement was still being hashed out for a staging area for the project’s general contractor, HyPower, according to Jacobsen.
“Despite the best laid plans, the devil is in the details,” Jacobsen said.
n Vision plan: At its Jan. 13 meeting, the CRA board discussed some of the facets of the newly designed vision plan that can be implemented more immediately than others, according to Jacobsen.
The board will get an update and discuss the second phase of the vision plan, which addresses land use regulations in the CRA.
Jacobsen said members of Bernard Zyscovich’s team — Zyscovich is responsible for the in-progress vision plan — will meet again soon with stakeholders to determine what the city needs to make those new regulations work.
“They want to meet with everybody who has stake in this for their ideas and frustrations,” Jacobsen said. “They’ll be getting information instead of working in the dark.”
n Proposed public beach at Four Freedoms Park: Jacobsen said CRA staff is planning on investigating the application process for Tourist Development Council monies that could help to construct the beach.
The TDC has beach and shoreline funds set aside specifically for projects similar to the proposed Four Freedoms beach.
Jacobsen said staff’s meeting with the TDC will be an “educational session” about the ins-and-outs of the TDC grant application process.
“It won’t be the formal request, just learning how to craft the formal request,” Jacobsen said.
The Cape Coral Redevelopment Agency meets today at 5:30 pm. For more information, call 549-5615.