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City, vendor addressing trash bin size issue

By Staff | Jan 15, 2011

The city and Waste Pro are working together to provide smaller trash bins for people who feel the 96-gallon receptacles are simply too much to handle, but Councilmember Kevin McGrail said details are still being worked out.
McGrail is asking any citizen who wants a 65 gallon can — the same size as the recycle bin — to contact the Waste Pro hotline at city hall.
While he said the certain smaller trash bins will be available, the rest of the equation is still being discovered.
“What’s still up in the air is how many of these are going to be swapped and if there’s going to be any charge associated with this,” McGrail added.
Each plastic receptacles costs $65 to manufacture, McGrail said, and the city will likely have to renegotiate certain aspects of the terms of its contract with Waste Pro.
The entire process is going to take two to three months, McGrail said.
“We’re getting an idea of the number of people who would want to swap these out,” he added. “It’s going to take a little time.”
McGrail said Waste Pro wanted to wait until the “craziness” of their initial roll-out phase and the holidays passed until moving toward providing smaller cans.
“The only thing still up in the air is how many are they going to put together,” McGrail reiterated.
To contact Waste Pro for a smaller can call 945-0800.