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An 11th hour failure

By Staff | Jan 12, 2011

To the editor,

I am indeed sorry to have been away from last Tuesday’s City Council meeting and the discussion of the projected shared use path through Dunlop and Wooster. After all the public meetings dealing with the Shared Use Path Master Plan, at which the single most recommended addition was a new path in that area, and after last month’s overwhelming preference by the public and the council for Option 3, we are now left with the status quo.

I attend events regularly at both BIG Arts and City Hall and would love to leave my two-ton vehicle at home and benefit from the exercise of cycling there, but apparently the preference of the public is being over-ridden by the 11th hour failure of the folks at BIG Arts, the Bike Club and the City Council to pull it all together for the benefit of us all.

Shame on us.

Herb Rubin