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Daredevil kitty survives a nine-story leap

By Staff | Jan 11, 2011

Jumping a coincidental nine stories from the Estero Beach and Tennis Club building on Fort Myers Beach, a female short-hair cat avoided a real catastrophe a few days ago by bouncing off an awning between two buildings of the condo community, catapulting up and landing on a resident’s first-floor balcony.
“Witnesses watched in amazement from the community’s pool as the cat actually made the nine-story leap,” said Isabelle Wells, local Realtor and founder of the FindAHomeGiveAHome.com free local cat adoption site. “They couldn’t believe she actually made the jump and survived!”
Luckily, this cat is counting all nine of her lives today, and is perfectly fine from the daredevil stunt.
“We don’t know why she made such a jump, but we’re glad she’s OK after it,” Isabelle said.
Found wearing two collars, Isabelle said the adolescent cat is not ID chipped and, if the owner doesn’t claim her within a few more days, she will be adopted out, free of charge.
“She is in perfect condition, has no effects from the fall, is very small, and has been examined by a veterinarian,” Isabelle said. “No one has come to claim her yet, and she is surely a cat with nine lives – only one year old. She is curious, sweet, agile and ever so playful. She has a beautiful tiger color with white markings, is so appreciative and loving, and deserves a great home.”
If this is your little High-Flying Kitty, or if interested in potentially adopting her, call Isabelle at 281-0739, or visit FindAHomeGiveAHome.com, which is in collaboration with S.P.A.Y-L-E-E, Inc, and is always accepting food and monetary donation to help some wonderful local pets in need.