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Rogue chicken is on the loose in Captiva

By Staff | Jan 6, 2011

Zack Oden took this picture of the chicken in question on Tuesday evening at the end of his grandmother Nancy Oden’s driveway. The chicken was also spotted by Summer Kilgore, a neighbor of the Odens’.

She’s been spotted twice, skulking around homes along the Gold Coast.

The suspect is an unidentified chicken — but no one knows where she came from and, perhaps more importantly, how she got here.

“My grandson, Zack, arrived on Captiva yesterday (Jan. 4) from Colorado and, on his way to RC Otter’s, as he was turning out of our driveway, a chicken came out at the end of the driveway, right in front of him,” Oden said.

Zack Oden pulled out his cell phone and took a picture, but his grandmother wanted to know more.

“I called up Colin Kilgore, who lives across the street from us, and I asked him if he was raising chickens. He said he wasn’t, but he also said his daughter, Summer Kilgore, said she thought she saw a chicken a few days ago stuck up in the trees next to their house,” Oden said.

So where did she come from?

“I think someone might have had it in their truck in a cage, taking it somewhere, and the cage came loose and the chicken came out,” Oden said. “That’s the only thing that makes sense to me.”

But whether or not a plausible explanation is within grasp (eyewitness Zack Oden wonders, “Why did the chicken cross the causeway?), Nancy Oden said that, despite the rogue chicken’s intentions, she and her family have had a wonderful time mulling over the details.

“We laughed so hard about it that we thought we were going to expire! I called my neighbor, told her to get her camera out, and be on the look out for a chicken,” Oden said, the laughter erupting again as she recalled her neighbor’s bewildered reaction to the bizarre request. “We want to track it down so we can have some fresh eggs. I’ve found a bobcat in my front yard before — but a chicken beats all. It’s too funny for words!

Captivans hoping for a glimpse of this hooligan hen should keep a careful look out as they make their way through the stretch of Captiva Drive closer to the double S-curve.

“I don’t know where it came from or where it’s going,” Oden said, “but there is a chicken around here somewhere!”