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Cell tower contrary to Sanibel Vision Statement

By Staff | Dec 29, 2010

Members of the City Council,

Having fallen in love with the island of Sanibel precisely for its beauty, unique values, strong sense of community and single-minded determination to maintain a sanctuary quality, Barbara became a home owner on the island in March 2010.

So it is with a sense of horror that we now learn of a plan to erect a 149-foot telecommunications tower at the Wastewater Reclamation Facility on Donax Street.

Quite apart from the issues of visual impact, height, radiation and so on, this proposal is in direct contravention with the Sanibel Vision Statement, which quotes:

“The City of Sanibel chooses to remain unique through a development pattern which reflects the predominance of natural conditions and characteristics over human intrusions.”

We would venture that there will be very little value added to the community by having this structure on the island at all but if it is deemed a necessary development, then at least site it as far removed from a residential setting as possible.

It is precisely because of the community of Sanibel’s pride in its uniqueness in the world as a little piece of paradise that it remains just that. Allowing this development to go ahead will erode that status for residents and visitors alike.

As the custodians of Sanibel’s future, I urge you — the City Council — to either reject the proposed development out of hand, or at the very least, site it well away from residential property.

Nigel & Barbara Russell