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Local businesses report higher sales through holiday season

By Staff | Dec 27, 2010

Local stores reported higher sales figures over last year after the holiday weekend wrapped up.
David Kreller, owner of Crystal’s Hallmark with his wife, Nancy, said the numbers were not like they were five or six years ago, but they have seen an increase over the past two years during the Christmas shopping season.
“We were up over last year, so I think the customer count was good, and the average transaction was very good,” he said.
“It was a very strong season compared to the last two,” he added.
According to Kreller, sales at the store have been on the uptick since about mid-July. He did not know if the increase could be attributed to people coming back to Cape Coral, but he said there was a difference in customer attitude.
“I think people are tired of the economy lagging,” Kreller said.
Though maybe not in a better financial position this holiday season over last year, customers at the store appeared set on having a happy end to 2010.
“They seemed eager to have a good Christmas spirit this year, and had more of a willingness to use the words Merry Christmas,” he said.
Cathy Sangiovanni has owned Razzle Dazzle with her husband, Ralph, for about 20 years. More of a boutique for unique clothing and accessories, Sangiovanni said they do not typically have a sales rush during the holidays.
“We’re not a gift-orientated store,” she said.
However, Sangiovanni noted, business was up considerably in November.
“We did better than we did last year,” she said.
“I guess it was before all the big stores started with all their discounts and coupons,” she added.
According to Sangiovanni, business typically kicks in about mid-January when the snowbirds flock back to the Cape. She is seeing a new customers though.
“I do see a positive outlook,” Sangiovanni said. “I think things are looking better than they have been.”
Crystal’s Hallmark is located in the Coralwood Mall, at 2301 Del Prado Blvd. S. The telephone number is 574-2255.
Razzle Dazzle is located at 1335 Cape Coral Parkway E. The telephone number is 945-7549.