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Ball Busters climb to top of pool league standings

By Staff | Dec 22, 2010

Bunt’s Ball Busters finally broke through with an overwhelming 13-3 pasting of the Sanibel 8-Ball Pool League leading Fresh Legion crew to take over first place for the first time this season.

Dave Doane and Bob Buntrock recorded perfect 4-0 scores in their matches for the Ball Busters. Rich Ennis pitched in three wins and Terry Ricotta contributed two.

Legion Crew shooter Joe Stahl had two wins for the losers. The victory also knocked the Fresh Legion Crew into third place after leading the league in four of the first 10 weeks.

Last place One Ball Wonders showed signs of life as they tied second place Sanibel Café 8-8. Once again, the highlight of the match came from Kelly “Carom” Greten, a 39 percent shooter for the One Ball Wonders. In one of his three wins over Sanibel Café’s Jack Dalton, Greten cut a ball into the side pocket, caromed off the cushion and knocked a second ball into the corner pocket ending up with perfect position on the 8-ball which he easily pocketed to end the game. When an onlooker suggested that a bit of luck was involved, Greten responded, “It was skill, baby, pure skill.”