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Burger lover eats his way through Jimbo’s challenge

By Staff | Dec 18, 2010

A Jimbo’s Restaurant customer consumed his 40th burger Friday for the 40 burger challenge and received a $50 gift certificate and a burger meal for two for free.
David Fox moved to Cape Coral a little over three years ago and began eating at Jimbo’s Restaurant.
“They make me feel welcome,” he said. “The food was good and the prices were right.”
After seeing a menu full of hamburgers he decided to challenge himself to see how many he could eat. After consuming six or seven different hamburgers, his waitress decided to keep track of the ones he ate by checking them off.
“After I hit about 15, Wayne got in on it,” Fox said, which began the challenge of eating 40 hamburgers.
Wayne Wasylyk, owner of Jimbo’s, said it took four days to come up with 80 hamburgers, which he said stemmed from his traveling to various restaurants around the country. After showing his wife Carole the variety of specialty hamburgers, she told him to take 30 of those off the menu.
The Wasylyks added those additional hamburgers about six months ago; the menu now offers 55 different selections for his customers to choose from.
Wayne said Fox began the challenge by eating the Memphis burger, which includes peanut butter, bacon and grilled onions.
Fox said the Memphis burger is his favorite one “hands down” because he has been putting peanut butter on his hamburgers since he was a kid.
Wayne Wasylyk explained that he then decided to open the challenge of eating 40 burgers up to the community.
The challenge, which has attracted six other people, requires an individual to consume 40 burgers from their display chart of 55 within 12 months of the day they sign up.
Over the past couple of months, Fox said he ate two burgers a week at the most and some weeks he would skip altogether because of traveling.
Fox is the first customer to win the challenge.
He has had well over 40 hamburgers over the last few months, but he explained that there were a lot of repeats mixed in because there are “a lot of really good ones.”
Fox said the majority of the burgers he has tried he will eat again after the challenge, with the exception of only a couple.
Fox consumed his 40th burger on Friday at 6 p.m.
He explained that a number of his friends joined him, as they made a party out of him completing the challenge.
Wayne Wasylyk said they added a second challenge that entails a customer consuming three and a half pounds of food in 30 minutes.
The Triple Bypass Burger Platter includes three black Angus burger patties, which are served between four slices of Texas garlic toast with American cheese, cheddar and mozzarella layers, along with onion rings on each layer with lettuce and tomato.
The platter also includes a half pound of fries.
For those who consume the platter in 30 minutes or less will receive the $24.99 platter for free.
Jimbo’s Restaurant first opened its doors in 1977. The Wasylyks bought the restaurant in 1998.
For a list of the hamburgers visit www.jimboscape.com. The restaurant is at 1604 S.E. 46th St.