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Skimboard Art Show draws variety of artists to Captiva

By Staff | Dec 17, 2010

Artist Andy Howl, who owns an art gallery and tattoo shop in Fort Myers, helped coordinate last weekend's Skimboard Art Show. Howl is standing next to the skimboard he created for the three-day showcase.

In conjunction with the inaugural Captiva Holiday Skim Jam competition, South Seas Island Resort hosted a three-day Skimboard Art Show featuring 23 skimboards painted by artists hailing from the South Florida region.

Exhibiting artists included Andy Howl, Matt Lackey, Kyle Jared Jackson, Jean Crenshaw, Stephen Gary-Blancett, Terry Tincher, Danny Morgan, Michael Damico, Drew Barnes, Bananas, Eustaqio Pacot, Rodney Jackson, David Hatchett, Veron Ennis, N! Satterfield, Cayce Moyer, Lily Hatchett, Raymond Hernandez,Troy Thomas, Banky, Piper Rudich and Jason McDonald.

According to Howl, the idea for the showcase was brought to him by Captivans Rene Miville and Paul McCarthy.

“They wanted to do something to tie in with the Captiva Holiday Village and the skimboard event,” recalled Howl, proprietor of HOWL Gallery in Fort Myers. “So for the past four weeks, we’ve been contacting artists to see who wanted to participate.”

“This art show is very cutting edge and very different, but completely complementary to Captiva being such a creative, beach community,” said McCarthy, who helped develop the Skimboard Art Show.

Kyle Jared Jackson, a former resident of Sanibel, enjoys incorporating geometry and nature into his artwork.

In early November, unpainted Zap Brand Skimboards arrived at HOWL Gallery. Each fiberglass skim board measures approximately 20 inches by 40 inches and looks like a smaller version of a surfboard.

“More than anything, I think it’s exciting to bring this cutting-edge type of exhibit to Captiva,” added Howl. “Some of these boards can be considered world class art.”

Cape Coral resident and artist Matt Lackey painted his entry with a mechanical robot he had created in some of his previous works.

“This is the first time I’m using the robot as my focal point,” he said, standing next to his skimboard, which took approximately one week to complete. “I think it turned out very well.”

Members of the public attending the Captiva Holiday Village voted for their top three entries at the Skimboard Art Show. Following the announcement of the winner — Crenshaw for her untitled work — on Sunday afternoon, all of the boards were offered for purchase.

Cape Coral artist Matt Lackey made an original robot the main subject of his skimboard artwork.

Captiva resident Mike Mullins bought three of the skimboards to show his support for the inaugural art showcase.

Jackson, formerly of Sanibel and now living in Fort Myers, was pleased with the way his skimboard turned out. The piece featured geometric patterns and a pair of oversized feet.

“Those are my feet,” said Jackson, laughing. “I just layed the board on the ground and jumped on it. Where my feet landed is where I drew them. I used a lot of blue and orange — I think that gives it a lot of natural energy.”

The event was presented by HOWL Gallery/Tattoo in partnership with Zap Skim Boards and sponsored by Captiva Cruises, Franklin Shoppes and South Seas Island Resort.