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Cape Coral letter carrier honored for her vigilance

By Staff | Dec 16, 2010

A Cape Coral letter carrier of 15 years was recognized Wednesday because of the help she provided to an elderly man on her route.
Kim Vieira said she helped Jan Muzerie, 96, nine weeks ago while she was delivering mail on her route. She said after many conversations she learned that he was living alone due to his daughters living up north and his wife passing away this summer.
Vieira had been doing his route for 10 months.
Back in October, she said she saw Muzerie on a Monday and he told her that he was dizzy once she handed him his mail. She said she asked him to go and see the doctor because “I was concerned about him.” She then delivered mail to him on Tuesday, but was off on that Wednesday. Once she delivered his mail on Thursday she saw that there was two days worth of mail in his mailbox, which concerned her.
“I took a quick look in the front window,” she said and saw him laying on the floor motionless. “I was a nervous wreak because he wasn’t moving.”
Vieira then knocked on the window and saw him move and immediately called 911. A police officer showed up within minutes, along with an ambulance that took him to the hospital.
“Honestly, my stomach was crazy,” she said about seeing him on the floor through the window. “I was sick because I was so worried.”
Vieira said after speaking with the police officer they believed that Muzerie had been laying on the floor for a couple of days due to a stroke. He unfortunately had another stroke and passed away in October.
“Kim Vieira is an exceptional person,” Postmaster Anne Murray said. “She had the initiative to recognize that a day’s mail not collected by this customer was a sign not all was well and took swift action to investigate and call 911. I applaud her concern for her customers and she is a great representative for the U.S. Postal Service.”
Vieira explained that she gained satisfaction from knowing that he did not have to be alone through everything.
“For me it wasn’t necessarily heroic, but it was nice to be recognized,” she said. “It’s kind of like I was at the right place to do the right thing.”
Vieira received a national recognition letter from the post master general, recognition from Murray and a cake to recognize her for her heroic act on Wednesday.
“The reality is, it always feels good when you know you did the right thing for anyone for any situation,” she said.