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Superintendent search to be conducted by Florida School Board Association

By Staff | Dec 15, 2010

The Lee County School board approved an agreement with the Florida School Board Association Tuesday night to perform a search for the new superintendent.
The cost will not exceed $6,000, which does not include travel, meals or reception expenses.
“Even though we are doing a search, we are getting the best bang for our buck,” Board member Jeanne Dozier said.
The school board has tentatively set June 1 as the hire date for a new superintendent and July 1 as the date he/she should start so as to be a part of next year’s budget process.
The board agreed during a workshop last week that before they begin compiling a list of what the district is looking for in a new superintendent, they need to reach out to the community for input.
To garner involvement from the community, the board decided to hold forums in each district. The forums were tentatively set during the workshop for the week of Jan. 18 at different high schools.
The district also will use surveys to seek information from the community concerning what key characteristics and requirements a new superintendent should possess.
The tentative timeline established also included a Jan. 31 deadline for input, so the board can consider all the information from the community before taking the next step of choosing a superintendent, advertising the position.