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Dock vs. Sea Grasses

By Staff | Dec 9, 2010

To the editor,

Sanibel officials spent several months this summer — and beyond — discussing this controversy. The matter was initiated by our City Council, who directed our Planning Commission to study the current applicability of a 1993 ordinance (Sanibel Plan) that prohibited docks in the San Carlos Bay area.

At the conclusion of the entire process, which included public hearing, the City Council acted to deny any changes in he ordinance. The announced reason for their decision was the 1993 ordinance. What? Run that by me again. If the 1993 ordinance was the reason, why did they bring the issue up in the first place?

What did occur? I propose the following theory: Packed public hearing, with the usual COTI vocal group prevailing, was too much for them. What’s the phrase, “If you can’t stand the heat, say out of the kitchen.”

If we are going to revert to a New England town meeting for our form of government, we certainly have a lot of changes to make.

I supported and voted for several of the council members who did succumb to the “louder” and often rude voices. Where do those of us who believe that property rights are the foundation of any free people go? What’s ahead in the next election? It does make me less inclined to lend support to any candidate who does not afirmatively state that property rights should be an important factor in their decisions. Of course, other factors are to be considered. Let’s not go off the deep end.

Dale Armstrong

Sanibel and Columbus, Ohio

P.S. One of the major factors that makes Sanibel special and distinctive is the land its citizens (and others) have purchased and set aside as sanctuary land. We have another oportunity for preservation of our history, by the purchase of the Bailey Homestead. Let us see who walks the walk, as oposed to talk the talk.