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Kiwanis charter K-Kids club at Christa McAuliffe Elementary

By Staff | Dec 8, 2010

Representatives from the Cape Coral Harney Point Kiwanis Club paid a special visit to Christa McAuliffe Elementary School Wednesday afternoon to present an official charter for their K-Kids club.
Kiwanis advisor Kevin Colpoys told the children that the K-Kids club began at Christa McAuliffe three years ago, adding the adult organization began 95 years ago. He went on to explain to the 22 fourth and fifth grade students that the K-Kids club was formed to help them learn about community service, along with them providing service projects for the community.
“It’s the beginning of what can be a long journey,” Colpoys told the children, because they can continue with the Builder’s Club at the middle school level and the Key Club at the high school level.
He presented a plaque, which will be placed in the front office, containing the official charter that is a recognition from the international organization.
After congratulating the students on receiving the charter, Cape Coral Harney Point Kiwanis Club President Scott Turner told the children that it is fun to help people.
Kelly Jackson, a parent who is helping run the K-Kid Club, explained that the students had to write an essay of why they wanted to be a part of the club before they were able to join.
“We love helping the community,” Jackson said about the club.
After the charter was presented to Jackson, Colpoys asked the students to stand and recite the K-Kids pledge.
The pledge states “As a K-Kid I promise to serve my neighborhood and my school; I will show respect toward my environment and I will make the world a better place in which to live.”