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Bay to Beach Bombers offense explodes vs. Warriors

By Staff | Dec 8, 2010

Bay to Beach Bombers

The Bay to Beach Bombers napalmed the Aztec Plumbing Warriors last Wednesday night at the Sanibel Ball Fields.Scoring a team record of 29 runs, the Bombers looked unstoppable. Aztec Plumbing later claimed, “They came at us like a herd of stampeding buffalo.”

The Bay to Beach defense looked solid, too. Aztec began to mount a comeback in the third inning that was tomahawk chopped short by a remarkable barehanded grab by Bombers fielder Tracy Brunner. She left the game with some injured fingers from the play. To be sure, the one who hit that ball was none other than the “Aztec Arrowhead” Steve Gibson, who is known for hitting the softball so hard it resembles a speeding arrowhead. The final score was Bombers 29, Aztec 13.

The other games of the night were intriguing as well. Sanctuary Island Electric got revenge over Williams and Williams for beating them earlier this season. Sanctuary Electric shorted-circuited Williams and Williams to win 18-14 despite an early grand slam by Williams’ new star batter Andy Brown.

If at the end of the season these two teams are tied, Williams and Williams will have the edge due to strength of victory in head-to-head matchups. Williams won their first meeting, 15-9.

And finally there was the un-won 0-5 All Island Glass against the undefeated 5-0 Sanibel Grill Wrecking Crew. The game proved to be the highest scoring game thus far in the season. Between the two teams, 53 runs were scored–and that was only in six innings of play. The game was called before the seventh inning because time expired. And for the first time since the Sanibel Shootout of ’76 opposing teams both had multiple homeruns. In the end, the Sanibel Grill put All Island Glass on the cooker to win, 34-19.

The Sanibel Softball League plays every Wednesday night at the Sanibel Ball Fields. For more information, contact the Sanibel Recreation Center at 472-0345.