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Obey leash laws on the beaches

By Staff | Dec 2, 2010

To the editor,

This is our fifth year of vacationing on Sanibel Island. We appreciate that some of the cottages are willing to accommodate our Shih Tzu, because I wouldn’t leave my buddy home and come on vacation.

I have seen so many dog people on the beach this year who are allowing their dogs to run loose. They cleverly attach a lead to the dog — the one this afternoon was about 50 feet — so that they can claim that the dog “got away,” if they are challenged by someone patrolling the beach. They are, however, endangering other people and making it less likely that dogs will continue to be welcome on the beaches of Sanibel.

I will be so unhappy with these people when I can no longer bring my dog on vacation because they insisted on breaking the rules so blatantly.

And to those who maintain that their dog is friendly and wouldn’t hurt anyone, I remind them that any dog — given the right provocation — will bite.

Please obey the law, so that those of us who do will be able to bring our dogs next year and the years following.

Donna Jorgenson Farrell

Broomfield, Colo.