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Fresh Legion Crew, Sanibel Cafe tied atop 8-Ball League

By Staff | Dec 2, 2010

Bunt’s Ball Busters won the last 11 games of their 16-game match with the One Ball Wonders to grab third place and push the Wonders deep into fourth place.

Dave Doane started the unprecedented win run by thumping Jimbo Gaubatz three times. Terry Ricotta and Bob Buntrock followed with four wins each.

High point for the Wonders was three wins over Rich Ennis by their ace, Joe Mason, winner of last year’s season ending Singles Tournament. Mason had not played a game since March and was on his first night out with lovely wife, Josey, since she delivered their first son, James Vito Mason, back in October.

The shot of the night came in the Sanibel Café match with Fresh Legion Crew. Captain Richard McCurry faced certain defeat before banking his ball cross corner and missing so badly that his ball caromed off another into the pocket and also knocked his last remaining stripe in the corner pocket, leaving him with perfect position on the 8 ball. McCurry sunk the 8 ball, stepped away from the table and said, “There was just no other way to play it.”

McCurry also contributed three wins in his team’s 9-7 victory over League leading Fresh Legion Crew. The Café and Crew and now tied for first place. Not for long, however, since the Ball Busters take on the Legion Crew next week and look to avenge October and November losses to the Legion Crew.