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Harry Chapin Food Bank distributes most turkeys ever

By Staff | Dec 1, 2010

The Harry Chapin Food Bank provided 5,000 turkeys to families this year, which was the largest distribution for Thanksgiving turkeys they have had.
Harry Chapin Food Bank Associate Director Joyce Jacobs said she was thrilled that they met their goal of providing 5,000 turkeys to families in need this past Thanksgiving.
She explained that the majority of the turkeys were 12 or 13 pounds, which was enough to feed a family of two to four people. The food bank also received some larger turkeys that were donated to congregate seating sites that fed groups of individuals.
The donations came from a combination of businesses, local foundations and individuals who either dropped off a turkey or provided a cash donation to purchase a bird.
Norman Love Confections saw a news clip on television that explained that the Harry Chapin Food Bank was in need of turkeys, so they decided to provide an incentive for those who donated $11 for a turkey. Jacobs said for everyone who stopped by the Norman Love Confections store and donated $11, received a box of chocolates that had a value of $13. Their generosity provided 2,175 turkeys.
It was “very heart warming,” she said.
Another company, Cameratta Company, who are developers of High Point Place and 1st Street Village in Fort Myers also heard about the need of collecting turkeys for the food bank. Jacobs said they donated more than $6,500 that purchased 670 turkeys.
Curb Systems of Southwest Florida provided enough funding to purchase 455 turkeys.
Jacobs explained that one woman who is a resident of Montenero in Naples decided to send out flyers to her neighbors to also help. She explained that she collected $2,000, which was enough money for 190 turkeys.
“It really was a great community outreach and outpouring of generosity,” she said. “Thank you to everyone who helped and made this a wonderful, happy Thanksgiving for families.”
Jacobs said they fed 30,000 families during the month of November.